The OSCON 2017 Guide to Authentic Austin Tacos

The OSCON 2017 Guide to Authentic Austin Tacos

5/10/2017 • 3 min read

Before we begin, OSCONers, let’s get real: If you’re not brave enough to order from a food truck, this list is not for you. Four of our top five taco picks began as food trucks, and two of the five still sell exclusively from those same food trucks within city limits.

And no, we still don’t have Über or Lyft (pro tip: check out Fasten or Ride Austin instead). But we do have tacos. Not burritos. Not chimichangas. Just tacos. Real. Good. Tacos.

To kick us off, we’re taking a stand in one of the most serious taco rivalries you never knew existed with our number one and two picks:

Taco Deli

Second only to the University of Texas vs. Texas A&M rivalry is that between Torchy’s and Taco Deli. It’s impossible to not pick sides, and we’re officially throwing in for Taco Deli, which has developed something of a cult following in this taco-loving town. With their commitment to organic, locally sourced ingredients, one bite of basically anything on the menu will have you slow nodding with satisfaction. Further, the in-house service is surprisingly friendly and generally excellent, even during the inevitable breakfast and lunch rushes.

Try: The Heather, Al Pastor, Freakin’ Vegan

Torchy’s Tacos

Coming in a very close and highly contentious second is the brash Torchy’s Tacos. This local food truck turned national chain always delivers on the goods. Their delicious and adventurous tacos are a consistent pleasure to locals and tourists alike, especially if you ask for their secret menu. Bonus: Their queso is second to none, with delightful globs of guacamole and house-made diablo hot sauce in every bite.

Try: Fried Avocado, Trailer Park (Trashy), Dirty Sanchez

Veracruz All Natural

This darling food truck is, like much of Austin, more than what it seems. Their tacos will make you seriously reconsider the role of the tortilla, and make you wonder how you’ll ever accept anything less from future tacos. They’re also one of the only taco vendors in the city whose migas taco is better than an actual plate of migas – no small feat if you know anything about TexMex.

Try: Migas. Just the Migas.

Pueblo Viejo

Tucked away in an unassuming food trailer lot is the taco gem of the East Side. With its straightforward, no-nonsense offerings for breakfast and lunch, this food truck provides an unwavering source of stability amidst the turbulence of East 6th. While it will always be there for your after a night out on East or Dirty, breakfast is best. Beat the hangover with a Taco Bueno and feel free to thank us later.

Try: Taco Bueno, Mi Madre Taco, Taco Margarita

Maria’s Taco Xpress

Let’s be real, we put this one last so tourists wouldn’t crowd the already volatile lunch and breakfast lines. And also because it’s so far south of Lamar that you probably scoffed after Google Mapping it anyway. Either way, Maria’s is a shrine to all that is weird and beautiful about Austin taco culture. Full to bursting with Austin memorabilia and guarded by the Taco Goddess herself, this quirky little taco joint is a microcosm for all that you’ll come to love after a few days in the Texas capitol.

Try: Mexi Taco, Beef Fajita, Bandera

And if you don’t want to visit any of these Austin taco locations, we won’t be at all upset. The lines will move that much faster when we arrive to feed our own taco obsessions.

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