Pilosa 0.6.0 Released

Pilosa 0.6.0 Released

8/11/2017 • 1 min read

The Pilosa team is happy to announce the release of Pilosa 0.6.0, massively speeding up Pilosa with Run-length Encoding. This release comes just days after Pilosa 0.5.0, which introduced Input Definition. The two releases combined represent 79 contributions from 9 contributors.

This release includes:

Run-length Encoding

Run-length Encoding (RLE) is a simple technique for data compression. RLE enhances our existing Roaring implementation for improved performance and reduced data storage requirements. Read more about our Roaring implementation and RLE in our blog post and the docs.

Input Definition

Input definition is deprecated as of v0.9.0. Consider using the Pilosa Dev Kit, which contains tools for connecting Pilosa to a variety of data sources.

Input Definition is the first in a series of features that enable real-time Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processing within Pilosa. While we technically shipped Input Definition in Pilosa 0.5.0 a few days ago, we decided to combine the two announcements for simplicity’s sake. Read more about it in the docs.


To see the complete list of new features, fixes, and performance improvements, check out our changelog on Github.

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