Pilosa Featured On Changelog's GoTime Podcast

Pilosa Featured On Changelog's GoTime Podcast

4/18/2018 • 1 min read

Since we write in Go all day, everyday, we LOVE Changelog’s GoTime Podcast. The show consists of a panel of Go experts and special guests discussing the Go programming language, the Go community, and everything in between.

Pilosa’s very own Matt Jaffee was featured on GoTime last week to talk all things Go: distributed systems, indexing tools, cool Go projects, and more. Matt is our lead software engineer and a Go enthusiast.

Check out his episode below to hear why Go is the perfect language for designing simple, high performance, distributed systems like Pilosa:

Go Time 76: Building a distributed index – Listen on Changelog.com

Find GoTime on Twitter @GoTimeFM

Find Changelog on Twitter @changelog

Jaffee is a lead software engineer at Pilosa. When he’s not evangelizing independent indexes, he enjoys jiu-jitsu, building mechanical keyboards, and spending time with family. Follow him on Twitter at @mattjaffee.

Sarah is Pilosa’s Community Manager by day. DJ by night. Cat lady by birth. Find her on Twitter at @sarahking_atx.

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