We Raised our Seed Round

We Raised our Seed Round

11/12/2018 • 3 min read

Today, we are excited to announce the first close of a $5.4 million Seed Round led by Skylark Partners. With this investment, John Porter of Skylark will join Tom Meredith and me on our three person board. Other investors in the round include Ben Lamm, Hypergiant, Chris Aniszczyk, Andrew Busey and Tony Robbins.

Since we spun out of Umbel 18 months ago, we’ve been focused on making all data easily and instantly analyzable for both humans and machines. Navigating a data industry plagued with increasing complexity and long term capital investments, Pilosa brings a simple solution to enterprises who need the ability to perform continuous analysis on their data. With our nine patents, this effectively means that the database as we know it is fracturing into two parts: the technology that writes data and the technology that accesses that data (the index).

We focus on abstracting the index from data storage, and our open source Community Edition already has over 1,500 users. We are always blown away by the problems our community is solving with Pilosa. More importantly we are intently monitoring our commercial feedback loop as we continue to build an Enterprise Edition focused on large scale production environments. As we push into our next phase, we will combine these learnings with our funding to achieve these three goals:

  1. Adoptability So far our radically new approach has yielded a burgeoning community of early adopters obsessed with performance, however to achieve our goals of going mainstream we are developing functionality to drive more rapid adoption of Pilosa. High on our list of priorities in this realm includes a SQL-like interface, native floating point data types and better time series support.

  2. Ease of Deployment in ANY Infrastructure A key part of our current mission is to enable drop-in continuous analysis on all of your data in any environment, so we are actively working on integrations/partnerships that will drive more pervasive, push button, use of Pilosa. Beyond stand-alone, behind the firewall integrations, we are currently working on tighter integration with Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure, Confluent’s Kafka, Microsoft’s Azure, and we have mid-term plans to deepen our interoperability with Amazon’s AWS and Google’s Cloud Services. When integrating into any of these environments, we are primarily focused on data pipelines like Kafka, which already boasts over 35% of the Fortune 500.

  3. Managed Services In the next three quarters we are launching a lightweight Cloud Edition and exploring the potential of going deep into verticals like bioinformatics. Today’s leading scientists and researchers are having to either rely on IT departments mired by monolithic infrastructures or become infrastructure experts to do their work. We see a world where humans (aided by machines doing AI/ML) have instant access to analyze all of their data, no matter how complex, as simply as storing a file. We believe that a “Cloud Edition” of Pilosa may be the fastest path for us to reach pervasive adoption.

We are really proud of what we have achieved so far, very excited about 2019 and mostly look forward to doubling our team. We are currently hiring in engineering, marketing and customer service.

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